Norbert Avril, MD

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"University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center together with Case Western Reserve University developed a dedicated human use PET radiopharmacy and was in need for Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) and training of staff to establish a controlled production and quality control process in compliance with FDA regulations. We were deeply satisfied with the approach that Optimal Tracers took assessing our lab layout and infrastructure first and subsequently develop and implement a site specific quality system with all necessary SOP’s."
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"The GMP Training included a detailed on-site training of our radiochemist but also a structured training at the production site of Optimal Tracers in Sacramento, CA. Our staff received all the information necessary to establish a GMP PET radiopharmacy and the timeliness and responsiveness from the Optimal Tracers team was extraordinary! The Optimal Tracers team has a profound knowledge and was ready to advise either over the phone or at site visits to address our specific needs. It was a true pleasure working with Optimal Tracers!"