Ephraim Obot, M.Sc.

Ephraim Obot is the Site Manager/Senior PET Radiochemist.  He is responsible for daily laboratory operations.  He ensures production of PET radiopharmaceuticals to clinical and pre-clinical standards as part of CMO activities.

Ephraim has extensive experience in the development of molecular imaging agents and radio-immunotherapy drugs, radiosynthesis process development and optimization, drug product formulation and drug stability studies.  His radiolabeling experience includes the use of the following radioisotopes: F18, N13, Zr89, Ac225 and Ga68, as well as monoclonal antibody (MAb) iodination with the following radioisotopes:  I124, I125 and I131.  Ephraim has performed the following processes to support synthesis and quality control method development: elution profiling, bioburden analysis, compatibility studies, formulation studies, stability studies and membrane filtration sterility method.  He has performed synthesis/yield optimization studies for radiopharmaceuticals such FDG, FLT, I-131MAb, I-124MAb, Ga68-DOTATOC, and Ga68-Citrate. Ephraim has led and participated in the technology transfer of processes (synthesis and analytical) of several radiopharmaceuticals across multiple US sites one of which is an FDA approved radiopharmaceutical for the PET imaging of beta-amyloid protein.  He has vast cGMP experience and has contributed to site initiations and setup for cGMP manufacturing, and has also participated in FDA product authorization inspection (PAI) audits to obtain market authorization approvals.  He has contributed (written and reviewer) to IND and DMF submissions.  He received his BSc from Loyola University in 2002, and his MSc from Towson University in 2007.